Business Principles

1. Business Policy

Quality first, customer first, platform management

Quality first: the pursuit of excellence in quality, to provide customers with real satisfaction of the ideal products, that is, high quality, high performance, and cost-effective excellent products.

Adhere to the perfectionism to make perfect products, to "zero defects" for the quality mission, everything can not sacrifice the conflict of quality, quality enjoys the highest priority, quality is our most basic lifeline.

Customer first: "meet customer needs" is the minimum standard of the enterprise, "beyond customer needs" is our goal, is to from the delivery, quality, price, new product development and all aspects, to meet customer needs in an all-round way.

Let customers reach 100% satisfaction, try our best to meet customers even "unreasonable requirements".

With simple, pure heart, love, sincere, harmonious heart to treat every customer, to meet the needs of every customer, to win the respect and trust of customers;

"Continue to introduce products favored by customers", perfect, beyond customer needs of products is to bring customers touched.

Platform management: Starlight transmission is our common business platform, is our family of each starlight people; Everyone with the sense of ownership of active thinking, active action, in their respective positions to do our best, we will be able to achieve a wonderful life, the construction of a happy star.

On the platform of Starlight, everyone is an operator, creating a platform to create dreams, so that every employee, partner and customer can grow, develop and achieve brilliant life on this platform.

This platform is also an incubator for talents and business. Every starlight person with ideal can become a subsidiary or branch of Starlight Group through the platform and the fission of Amoeba organization.

2. Lean Concept

To eliminate waste, continuous improvement

At the heart of the Lean concept is the elimination of waste. The essence of business is to maximize sales and minimize expenses. Through the amoeba accounting table to explore the nature behind each number, committed to eliminate defective products, processing, action, handling, inventory, manufacturing too much and too early, waiting and management waste, continuous improvement.

3. Quality Concept

Full participation, whole process control, manufacturing flawless products

In the process of product realization, all staff participate in the process control, do not accept defective products, do not make defective products, do not transfer defective products, the pursuit of zero defects, produce perfect products.

4.Talent Concept

People who practice philosophy, continue to innovate themselves, and make contributions to the development of enterprises!

The talents of starlight, first of all, those who recognize and practice starlight philosophy, must take "what is right as a person" as the benchmark for judging all things and establish a correct way of thinking.

Star talent, must be the courage to seek for new, change, breakthrough, brave to accept the lack of self, positive growth of people;

Star talent, must be able to create performance, in the "maximization of sales, the minimum of funds" on the role, and to contribute to the development of the enterprise.

5. Service Concept

Good at heart, simple in line, with sincere to win customers moved

We treat all customers, heart to do fine, careful, delicate, let customers feel our heart, feel the temperature of the stars;

To provide services to customers, we should be simple, concise, concise, efficient and quick to solve customer problems, do not bring them trouble.

6. Technical Concept

Modular design, platform-based products, differentiated experience

Modular design: according to different product series, a series of general functional modules are designed, and the selection and combination of these modules can constitute products with different functions to meet the diverse needs of customers, adapt to the fierce market competition, and achieve the best efficiency and quality.

Platform-based products: In order to respond to the market quickly, the company must have a solid technical foundation. Platform-based products are an important means to ensure product quality, and are also the core of enterprise technology;

Differentiated experience: The company takes the industry as the main line, through the understanding of the application conditions of the industry, to provide customized solutions for customers, enhance customer stickness, continue to create value for customers, and create profits for the enterprise.